We’re in! New desk! New Front yard! Same incredible wife!

We are official Louisiana residents once again!  Whether we are Ponchatoula or Hammond residents depends on what agency or service you talk to.  Same goes for the street– Halbert Lane or Halbert Road.  The post office says road, the legal description on our Title says Lane.  They agree on Hammond, but trash, internet, direct tv, and water services, etc, are about equally divided.   90% of boxes unpacked (down to the ones that we’ll get to “some day” , and now I have a place to work where I have that front yard view.  No more excuses, it’s back to work time. Still lots of fixing and painting to do, so, if you’re just missing the joys of having a project, drop on by.

Should have seen me driving the 26 foot truck from St. Augustine to Thomasville to here! But we made it, furniture and people intact.  Had the help of Austin Ridley in Thomasville, which was not only a godsend but a pleasurable catch-up time with him and update on his first year at Wabash.


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