Writers learning from Writers


                        Novelists Leonardo Wild and George Wier having a conversation during the writer’s conference in Cuenca Ecuador

This week I’m attending  the Cuenca Internation Writers Conference in Cuenca Ecuador!  It’s always incredible to me how much I learn from other writers, sometimes when I least expect it.  Wandered into a session on Horror Fiction today, a genre I rarely consider reading let alone have any urge to write…and yet the presenter, Ricardo  Segreda, blew me away talking about Greek Tragedy and the elements of which are moved into the writing of Horror…He went far beyond my rather parochial idea of what Horror is about and gave me a new appreciation of what good horror is about.  I’m not fighting an urge to try my hand at it, but I certainly came away with a different view of it.

Top of the list is George Wier, author of the Bill Travis series.  Wier writes more than mysteries, and I have taken a particular interest in his work Neptune’s Forge which takes place in the late 19th century (There’s my historicals love again)  He also writes sci fi and even steampunk.  Check out his blog.  It has been a treat to be able to chat with this warm, helpful, and down to earth writer.  Meeting George Wier alone would have been worth attending the conference, but there has been so much more and still two days to go!


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