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Geometric Mosaics of Ancient Rome — Timeless Italy

I have to say I love Roman Mosaics.  This is a nice little introductory blog I found on wordpress.  (See below for more info.)

One of my Italian passions is the study of the ancient Romans. I especially love the artwork, like the excavated wall frescoes in Pompeii and Ostia, sculptures from the Roman forum, and mosaics, which were used as decor in public buildings and the homes of the wealthy. While much is now in museums, many of […]

via Geometric Mosaics of Ancient Rome — Timeless Italy


Have to use this!


Bronze Bacchic Mask-  First Century (CE)

I keep a Pininterest file on art works that I might use in My NMP series as well as a separate art collection for an upcoming series and character costume and setting images for various potential works.

When I saw this mask  I knew it was one  I would use.  Can’t wait to get to the Case it will be in!