Ancient Slavery

In the book I’m currently working on, Numerius Meridius Pulcher And The Case Of The Syrian Slave Dealer,  I’m having to deal with the morality of slave buying and selling even within a society that knew nothing else.  Numerius, having started as a young sex slave for the old degenerate Tiberius has seen the ugliness of slavery up close and personal and yet, now free, continues to buy slaves for his own household.  What does that do to a caring and thinking person?  To buy or not to buy?  Roman literature has examples of freed slaves who seem to have no compunctions in this, who , in fact seem to be worse slave owners than their own were; men and women who simply took the attitude of “Now it’s my turn.”  Fortunately for me, Numerius is not that guy.  The new book has led to exploring much deeper that part of Numerius that continues to support slavery and why he makes the decisions he does.  It has led to more readings about ancient slavery and to consider how thinking men justified such a stance.



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