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A Dangerous Age…63!

Found this posted by Michael Gilleland on his LaudatorTemp0ris Acti…interesting site.


A Dangerous Age

Aulus Gellius, Attic Nights 15.7.1-2 (tr. J.C. Rolfe):

It has been observed during a long period of human recollection, and found to be true, that for almost all old men the sixty-third year of their age is attended with danger, and with some disaster involving either serious bodily illness, or loss of life, or mental suffering. Therefore those who are engaged in the study of matters and terms of that kind call that period of life the climacteric.

observatum in multa hominum memoria expertumque est, senioribus plerisque omnibus sexagesimum tertium vitae annum cum periculo et clade aliqua venire aut corporis morbique gravioris aut vitae interitus aut animi aegritudinis. propterea, qui rerum verborumque istiusmodi studio tenentur eum aetatis annum appellantκλιμακτηρικόν.


Roman Pillows


Nice tidbit of info from a list I’m on.  Courtesy of Al Schlaf.  Now I want that book.

Checking my copy of A.T. Croom’s “Roman Furniture” (2007 Tempus Publishing,
2010 reprint by The History Press) pp. 5r6-58, the cheapest were stuffed
with reeds or straw, next best, raw wool and the best, feathers or goose
down. citations at Pliny the Elder and Martial, among others.
Al Schlaf
Des Moines, IA

Pomeii at Franklin Institute! Have you seen it yet?

Pomeii at Franklin

Pompeii Exhibit at Franklin Intstitute in PHILLY—Who’s been?  Who’s going?

I have to get to Philly to see this.  Good reviews and I’m a sucker for anything Pompeian.  Have you seen it?  Did you like it?