Numerius Meridius Pulcher

Numerius Meridius Pulcher, a manumitted slave of the Julio-Claudians with a shady past, lives in Ancient Rome and Pompeii where he solves mysteries.  Pulcher is joined on his adventures by his faithful slave and long time companion, Aristo; his nephew, Quintus; his “muscle,” Apollo; and the numerous other slaves that seem to be added to his retinue at every turn.  He is a survivor, a survivor with a heart.

The Roman Forum
The Roman Forum

Numerius Meridius Pulcher and the Case of the Not So Virgin Vestal is available at in both paperback and kindle formats.

Reviews for NMP and the Case of the Not So Virgin Vestal:

“I am a Lindsey Davis fan. This book reminds me of his Falco series, Of course the characters in “Numerius Meridius Pulcher and The Case of the Not So Virgin Vestal” are very different and unique. Numerius Meridius Pulcher has an “Exotic” past, but it spurs him on, instead of holding him back, which his enemies would prefer. When he start to look into a mystery, nobody can stop him.”
“A new voice from Ancient Rome”. Fun and fast reading.
“Jay Cardam introduces us to an interesting new protagonist in the heavily-populated world of ancient Roman sleuths … to my great enjoyment! Numerius Meridius Pulcher may not have made his fortune as a respectable member of Roman society, getting a rocky start as a child prostitute/slave named Hylas, first in Tiberius’ Capri villa, then later as a beautiful ornament in Caligula’s twisted court. However, Fortuna ultimately smiled through his manumission by the emperor Claudius …
The story is populated with characters who are given enough depth and credibility by the author’s deft hand that I found myself caring about Numerius’ family, his niece and nephew, as well as his slave/companion Aristo. The author has begun a hopefully-long series and I can’t wait to get to know these individuals better, as Mr. Cardam has the opportunity to give them greater depth in future works. The framework for further adventures has been built. I look forward with anticipation to seeing how the author continues to build the world of Numerius Meridius Pulcher.
The Author…Jay Cardam
Jay Cardam is a nom de plume of a working  High School Latin Teacher.


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